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Have your fire extinguishers tested annually. Call today.


Do you and your employees know how to properly work a fire extinguisher? The difference could mean someone's life. Have your employees properly trained with help from Harris Fire Protection Co Inc.

Your company or business is required by law to have all fire extinguishers maintained on a regular basis. Let us help you ensure every precaution is taken against a fire.

Make fire safety a priority



No matter where you're located or what your business is, fires happen. Make sure you're prepared for the unexpected by following state and local fire codes, including having your fire extinguishers tested and maintained at least once a year.

Regular maintenance for your extinguishers

What would you do in the event of a fire?

Follow the law and save lives

NFPA 10 is the ordinance that requires you have regular maintenance performed on all fire extinguishers, and OSHA 1920.157 states that employees must ensure that portable extinguishers are subjected to an annual check. It isn't just good fire safety's the law.